Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions 


In the interest of safety & security, bag searches may be conducted on entry & exit by our authorised security personnel. This applies to all large handbags, backpacks, suitcases & carriers.

By entering the venue, you agree to have your bag searched upon request, alternatively you can choose to leave your bag with our door staff on entry, though you do so at your own risk.

We reserve the right to refuse entry or remove anyone at any time for any reason.

Clothing must not be taken into the toilets under any circumstances unless permission is granted by a member of our permanent staff, changing rooms are provided for trying items on. Anyone found with any item of clothing in the toilets will be removed from the venue.

Violence and harassment will not be tolerated at our events, whether directed at staff or other customers. Any found to be unnecessary violent, forceful or behaving in an unacceptable manner will be removed from the venue and refused re-entry.

Photography & filming may take place at our events. Contact [email protected] for further information.



Preloved Vintage Wholesale Ltd always strive to provide and sell items that are of a satisfactory quality and are fit for purpose.  We have a team that check all items before they are offered for sale.  They’re trained to look out for minor faults and flaws including broken zips, missing buttons, holes, tears & stains, and while we do try our hardest to spot these faults, some may slip through and end up at an event. Any item which is found to be unreasonably damaged should be presented to a member of staff at the event so it can be removed from sale. We strongly encourage all our customers to check their items thoroughly before purchase to eliminate any chance of disappointment when you get home. Remember that the goods are preloved and second hand so allowances must be made for fair wear and tear.

If you do find damaged items, please consider whether you could repair it first. We embrace reusing and recycling, so if you think you could pop a button back on or you’d be willing to have a new zip placed, why not give it a second chance.

Alternatively, if you do find a damaged item when you get home, please get in touch with us ASAP – either drop us a Facebook message or email [email protected]. Please include which event you attended & any photos of the fault. We’ll work to resolve the issue as best we can, any request for a refund must be made within 30 days of purchase.



All our scales are Class III trade approved, and we’re in regular contact with trading standards to ensure our business practices are honest & fair. We measure in 0.05kg increments, any single item weighing under 0.05kg and purchased on its own can be weighed and priced in 0.01kg increments.

We have scales at the venue for customer use so you can check the weight as you shop. These scales, although trade approved, are to be used as a guide only. Only a trained member of staff can give an accurate scale reading. If you have any queries or discrepancies over the weight or price of your items, they need to be brought to our attention at the venue.

Receipts can be provided upon request for both cash & card transactions.



Certain items have a maximum fixed price. This means they either have a fixed flat price or we only charge the weight up to a certain price. These items are as follows:

– Faux fur coats are only charged by weight up to a maximum of 0.65kg/£10.

  • Sheepskin coats, wax jackets & leather jackets are only charged by weight up to a maximum of 1kg/£15.
  • Mens & Ladies long Winter coats are only charged by weight up to a maximum of 1kg/£15.
  • Handbags, sports bags, holdalls & briefcases are only charged by weight up to a maximum of 0.65kg/£10.
  • Belts are a fixed rate of £1 each.
  • Shoes are a fixed rate of £5 a pair.


Our staff will try their best to spot any maximum/fixed price items in your bag but It is your responsibility to notify our staff of these items when you pay in order for us to give you the discounted price.  The fixed price rails are clearly identified at every venue, there will be a sign on the rail stating the maximum price for the items on that rail. If you have any queries about whether an item has a maximum price or not, please speak to one of our trained staff members who can help.



We have several ticket options: Bundles, Advance Kilos, free entry tickets & standard £1.50 entry tickets. Under 12s are free and no ticket is needed. Disabled customers are also entitled to bring one assistant/carer with them for free.


BUNDLE T’s & C’s

– Bundle tickets include entry queue jump. This is NOT early access, you can simply bypass the general entry queue from the standard opening time, just head straight to the front.

– Present your Bundle ticket on entry – a VIP wristband & hand stamp will be issued, the entry fee is included in the price.

– Bundle tickets include x1 kilo. You can pick out 1kg of clothes with nothing additional to pay on the day.

– Simply show the VIP wristband to a member of till staff when you’re ready and you’ll be served next – no queueing necessary!

– If you pick out more than 1kg of clothes, you’ll be charged at our normal rate of £15 per kilo (unless you have purchased additional £12 Advance Kilo tickets which you can then redeem.)

– NO CHANGE, REFUNDS OR DIFFERENCE GIVEN if you do not pick out your included 1kg of clothes.

– Only redeemable at the event & date stated on the ticket.



– Advance Kilo tickets do NOT include your entry fee: this must be purchased separately either online or on the day.

– Present all your Advance Kilo tickets on entry: x1 standard wristband will be issued for EACH Advance Kilo ticket (x5 Advance Kilos means x5 wristbands.)

– Advance Kilo tickets CAN be used in conjunction with a Bundle ticket.

– One Advance Kilo ticket includes x1 kilo. Two tickets means you can pick out 2kg of clothes etc.

– Simply show your wristband(s) at the till to redeem.

– If you spend over your Advance Kilo value, you’ll be charged at our normal rate of £15 per kilo.

– NO CHANGE, REFUNDS OR DIFFERENCE GIVEN if you do not pick out your included kilo(s) of clothes.

– Only redeemable on the event & date stated on the ticket.



  • Simply show your ticket(s) on your phone for free entry!


£1.50 TICKET T’S & C’S

  • Available to purchase in advance online and up until 3pm on the day of the event.
  • Can be purchased on the door on the day, though this option is CASH only.
  • No refunds to be issued on unredeemed tickets.
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